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Inside Camtasia Studio 5: Part 4


Inside Camtasia Studio 5: Part 4

By Nathan Segal.

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This week we look at more of the improvements made in Camtasia Studio 5 and how you can make use of them in your recordings. Specifically, you'll learn how to create title clips and add captioning, voice narration, Flash quizzing and surveys.

How to Add Title Clips

Adding title clips to your video is an important part of the editing process. To do so, click on the heading Title Clips under the Add section in the Task List.

In this section, you add text for your titles using several fonts, colors, some basic formatting and image backgrounds, if you have them.

This is a sampling of what text will look like in your finished video. When you've finished editing, you can drag the title clips to your timeline. The default playback time of your clips is 5 seconds, which you can lengthen or shorten as necessary.

About Captioning

Captions can be used for many purposes, such as posting a copyright notice that plays for the length of the video, but another is making your video available to viewers with hearing impairments. To get started, simply click on the Captions heading under the Edit section in the Task List. If you have a script, you can copy and paste it into the area below the above icons in the scripting text box. Next, click on the Start button and your video will start playing back from the beginning of the timeline.

Note: You can vary the width of the text you want to use in characters by typing in a higher number. This widens the space where you place the text. It also allows you to fit more text below the video. There's a tradeoff though, too high a number will create text that's small and could be difficult to see.

Above is sample of text below a 640x480 video with a text width of 45.

As the video plays, you'll notice some of your text appearing in red. Move your mouse cursor near one of the red words and listen to the audio as it plays back. When the audio reaches the section where the red words are highlighted, click on it with your left mouse button. This sets the caption point. Repeat this through your entire video until the timeline stops playing.

The timeline showing an inserted caption.


Created: June 5, 2003
Revised: December 19, 2007