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Inside Camtasia Studio 5: Part 4 | 2


Inside Camtasia Studio 5: Part 4

Voice Narration

To add voice narration to your video, click on the Voice Narration heading under the Add section in the Task List.

This brings up the Voice Narration pane.

Before you start to record voice narration, here are a few key points:

  • Be aware that recording to Audio 1 will overwrite anything you have on that track.

  • If the audio on Audio 1 is important to you, record to Audio 2. This clip will be added to the Clip Bin and timeline. It will play at the same time as the audio on Audio 1.

  • You need to set up a microphone and have clips on the timeline to record voice narration.

  • If your microphone level isn't set, you can do so by clicking on the Audio Setup Wizard button at the bottom right of the Voice Narration pane.

  • Make sure that all your editing is complete before beginning your narration.

To get started, place the seek bar where you want to begin the recording on the timeline. click on the Voice Narration heading under the Add section in the Task List. Set any necessary options then click on Start Recording. Begin narrating, using the preview windos to keep you on track. When you've finished a dialog box will pop up with a prompt to save the clip. Name it, click Save, then click on Finish. You'll be returned to the main screen.

Flash Quiz and Survey

To add Flash quizzes and surveys, click on the Flash quiz and survey heading under the Edit section in the Task List.

This brings up the Flash Quiz and Survey Manager.

At the bottom you have two options, Add Quiz or Add Survey.

If you click on Add Quiz it brings up the above dialog box. Choose which settings you'd like to use, then click on OK.

This brings up the Question Type dialog box. When you're satisfied with your settings, click on OK.

This brings up the Multiple Choice Answer pane and you can fill in the details as in the above screen shot. At any time, you can edit the responses to give an incorrect/correct answer as above.

You also get to see a preview of what the Quiz will look like in your video.

Once you've completed the steps, click on Finish. The Quiz is added to the timeline and marked with a gray diamond as seen in the above screen shot.

This step returns you to the Flash Quiz and Survey Manager pane. You can continue to add other quizzes and surveys to your video as necessary. If at any point you decide to edit what you've done, click on the Add a Question to Selected Quiz or Survey heading above.

If you want to add a survey, you would go through a similar process as the above procedure.

Additional Notes

The differences between quizzes and surveys are this, quizzes test the users knowledge using multiple choice or fill in the blank types of questions with a score. Flash surveys involve open ended questions. These are used to gain additional information or feedback.

In order to use this feature, the video must be produced as a Flash (SWF) format.

For quizzes, avoid using nicknames or lists, allow answers to contain spelling errors, abbreviations, or incomplete answers. Keep answers short. One or two words is enough.


This week we had a look at creating title clips, voice narration, Flash quizzing, surveys and how to use captioning. Next time we'll look at the production improvements, flash SWF recommendations, express show, additional playback options, Screencast, FTP capabilities and more.

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Created: June 5, 2003
Revised: December 19, 2007