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About "exploring XML" - exploring XML

Guten Tag, welcome to the jungle of XML land!

Let me be your guide in this exciting and sometimes confusing terrain. I will safely show you around and let you experiment in my tutorials, discuss the most important XML standards, and introduce you to useful tools and techniques.

My name is Michael Cla├čen, and I have extensive experience in Internet and corporate information technology. You can find out more about me, and the funny character in my last name (no, it is not a capital b...).

The column is divided into four sections:
Tutorial Trails
This section discusses XML-related topics in a how-to fashion, with inline examples and suggestions for your own experiments. Look no further for the big picture view on XML and ideas to get started with XML in your own setting.
Standards Safari
Here we discuss particularly interesting XML standards in more detail, demonstrating possible application scenarios and pointing out relations to other standards work. Links to relevant tools are included as well as references to real world applications.
Tools Treasure Hunt
This section shows how to create our own tools for creating, processing and storing XML data. Coding techniques and example applications show you how to use them in your own XML projects.
Products Parade
This section examines particularly useful tools for creating, processing and storing XML data. Examples and case studies show you the ropes and get you started with your own XML projects without reinventing the wheel.

I plan to add installments to these sections in a fairly alternating fashion, giving an overview in a tutorial, digging deeper in the underlying standards in a safari, and pointing to tools in a treasure hunt.

The links section refers to other Web sites with relevant content on XML news, standards, and tools.

I hope you enjoy exploring the XML territory with me, drop me a line and tell me what you think. I surely appreciate your feedback!

Michael, XML explorer

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