WAP: The Web for Cellphones and PDAs (2/4) - exploring XML | WebReference

WAP: The Web for Cellphones and PDAs (2/4) - exploring XML

WAP: The Web for Cellphones and PDAs

WAP specialties

Why do we need yet another set of standards? Because adaptations for wireless devices were necessary to accomodate their own set of special characteristics, namely:

  1. Limited bandwidth
  2. High latency
  3. Limited device memory and processing power
  4. Limited screen real estate

How do the WAP components compare with their Internet siblings?

WAP pages are accessed with URLs just like Web pages, and their content can either be original WML or translated from HTML, a function which is usually incorporated into the WAP gateway. As we will see later, the whole request-response process is very similar to that of the Web, with the gateway acting as a proxy between the telecom and computer networks.

Let's look at an example.


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