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Registering and publishing with RSS (3/5) - exploring XML

Registering and publishing with RSS

More on registering

UserLand is the home page of UserLand's Aggregator website. This site allows you to register XML files with the aggregator, or change the URL of a site that you've already registered, or cause an immediate update of a channel you maintain.

The aggregator runs every hour, reading all the registered XML files and picking up all the new stories. It flows the stories out to the affiliate sites using XML-RPC.

You have to sign up before you can register an XML file in RSS or ScriptingNews format, and subject to approval by the system manager, have the channel scanned every hour for new stories. Submit your URL and the channel is read instantaneously. If there are no errors, the channel will be entered into their database and an email will be sent to the system manager requesting approval. This usually happens within a few hours and they promise to approve all channels "that have real links and are not in terribly bad taste or clearly illegal." selects their content manually. Email your news feed URL to their content evaluators at Please be patient; this process of evaluation can take up to three months.


xmlTree is a content directory for Web resources in XML format, which includes RSS news channels. You can add your channel by following the "Add your XML to xmlTree" link on the front page.

You can pick some keywords for classification and select the type of XML content that you are adding, namely one of: News, Static documents, Weblogs, Discussion forums, Applications, Catalogs, Reviews, or Events.

Let's look at publishing.

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