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Registering and publishing with RSS (4/5) - exploring XML

Registering and publishing with RSS

Publishing news from other sites

Now that your own news offering is widely visible on the Web, you might want to use the very same aggregators to supply yourself with interesting channels from other sources to include on your own site.

My Netscape Network

The channels on My Netscape are primarily for use on their own personalized webtop at There you can build and customize your own page. You could theoretically create a personalized page on my.netscape and request it from another server that reformats the delivered content, but this would be cumbersome at best.


You can hook into UserLand.Com through XML, XML-RPC and SOAP at

Not surprisingly, the Backend is the opposite of their Frontend: up front they show you the content stored on UserLand.Com through HTML pages. But much of the same content is available in XML and in snippets of HTML, and through XML-RPC and soon SOAP. That's the Backend.

This Backend is open, in that you can build your own applications based on this content flow. UserLand wants to work with other developers, so if you develop an interesting application, please post a message on their discussion group.

UserLand archives much of the My.UserLand content flow in XML form, and much of the archive is publicly accessible through HTTP, which means that interesting scripted applications are possible. A full list of the public XML archives is on their site.

More on more publishing.

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