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An XML toolkit for Web servers (4/5) - exploring XML

An XML toolkit for Web servers

The XSL Processor

The XSL processor of choice is LotusXSL from Lotus and IBM. The processor uses IBM's XML parser XML4J to parse an XML document and output a source tree. LotusXSL takes this source tree and creates a result tree, which is used to output the transformed document. LotusXSL currently only supports XSL-T and not XSL-FO, the formatting objects part of XSL. These formatting objects conceptually parallel the formatting objects in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). However, there are still many unresolved issues related to the implementation of formatting objects. So for the time being, you can transform XML documents to be output as HTML, which can include CSS style rules, as shown in the previous column.

To install LotusXSL, download the latest release from IBM AlphaWorks. Unpack this file and add the CLASSPATH in the run.* start scripts to your servlet engine's CLASSPATH.

Finally the XML Enabler, which links the XSL processing to the HTTP protocol.

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