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Tools Update: RSSApplet and Xparse-J (2/4) - exploring XML

Tools Update: RSSApplet and Xparse-J

One fellow reader sent me an RSS file that would not work and looked perfectly okay, and in fact it was. There was no <image> element present which is strictly optional but my code expected it to be there. I currently don't do anything with the information about a channel image, so a lesson learned is not to include any code before you actually need it.

RSSViewerApplet now prints the stacktrace of an occurring exception into the Java console, which is useful debugging information. Please make sure you have a look in there for a hint before contacting me.

The applet now depends on the newest version of Xparse-J, the smallest XML parser on the planet. See below for additional information on that now separately available component. RSSApplet can be downloaded in both source and binary form from the XML tools section of this column.

The applet is only 13 kilobytes in size and looks like this.

On to Xparse-j.

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