RSS Applet Configurator (1/4) - exploring XML | WebReference

RSS Applet Configurator (1/4) - exploring XML

RSS Applet Configurator

The RSSApplet developed in this column offers an easy way to display RSS news on your own Web site. With the configurator tool, introduced and explained in this installment it becomes even easier to get WebReference headlines onto your site:

  1. Go to the RSS Applet Configurator.
  2. Pick the RSS source you want to display headlines from. Currently available are:
    • WebReference News
    • New articles from the XML column at WebReference (i.e. this one)
    • JavaScript of the Day, from Doc JavaScript
  3. Optionally, select the colors to seemlessly integrate the applet in your Web site's appearance.
  4. Optionally, select fonts for the channel's and news item's headlines.
  5. Click "Preview" to see the applet in action, as well as the HTML source to be copied and pasted into your own pages.

These simple steps are all that is needed to enhance your site with up-to-date information on Web topics, JavaScript and XML.

Let's start by using the configurator...

Produced by Michael Claßen

Created: Jan 27, 2000
Revised: Jan 27, 2000