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XML Import/Export for the Masses (1/2) - exploring XML

XML Import/Export for the Masses

Most data is still created and consumed by humans, and XML is no exception. Adoption of XML therefore depends largely on the availability of tools for reading, writing, and editing XML data.

While we looked at dedicated XML editors some time ago, little is available in the form of add-ons for existing editors and word processors. Corel WordPerfect, with its roots in SGML publishing, provides XML loading and saving functionality. Microsoft Word is prominently lacking such functionality.

Recently two new tools, albeit commercial, came to the rescue:

The former converts XML into Rich Text Format (RTF) that can be loaded into Word, while the latter exports a Word document into XML.

RTF FormattingKit

Citing the product information page:

"The RTF FormattingKit is an easy to use converter for high quality print publishing of your XML documentation. This converter can generate Microsoft Word documents in RTF format even from large XML documents. This means that you can publish specific documents from your XML pool of information and document management systems. The RTF FormattingKit automatically collects all of the document's formatting and layout information required for the printable RTF version. The RTF FormattingKit is especially useful for system integrators and software publishers who specialize in XML-based content management solutions."

"The process behind the RTF FormattingKit is similar in concept to that of XSL-FO (Extensible Stylesheet Language - Formatting Objects), a process specified in the XML Standard and used in the preparation of XML documents for printing. Yet the RTF FormattingKit presents a more direct path for conversion than would be possible with XSL-FO. The result is considerably fewer specifications, and shorter change and correction cycles. Using the RTF FormattingKit, solutions providers can now have the flexibility of XSL-FO, without having to deal with its complexity and difficulty of use."

An evaluation version is available for download.

And vice versa...

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Created: Oct 15, 2001
Revised: Oct 15, 2001