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MRMLMoz: Mind Reading ML in Mozilla (1/2) - exploring XML

MRMLMoz: Mind Reading ML in Mozilla

Mozilla is quickly nearing its version 1.0 release. Sources close to the inner development circles hint at implementation problems and question the targeted delivery date. Allegedly, AOL, in its attempt to replace Internet Explorer with Mozilla as its prefered browser, has requested an implementation of Mind Reading ML before the long-awaited final version of the browser can be shipped.

The Mind Reading Markup Language (MRML /mur'mul/) is a proprietary extension of the HyperText Markup Language. MRML tags can be embedded into any regular HTML document. They are completely invisible to all browsers, posing the first of a number of implementation challenges. Also deviating from standard XML practice, MRML tags are not case-sensitive: <freud> is equivalent to <FREUD> or <frEUd>.

The MRML specification

MRML tags can be grouped into three categories:

Implementation issues...

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Created: Apr 01, 2002
Revised: Apr 01, 2002