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Under the Christmas Tree: New XML Books (1/2) - exploring XML

Under the Christmas Tree: New XML Books

Just in time for Christmas shopping, two new good XML books have been published: "Practical XML for the Web" by glasshaus, and "Java Web Services for Experienced Programmers" from Prentice Hall. I had the opportunity to look at them upfront, and you should make sure to add them to your wishlist!

The two books target different audiences. While "Practical XML" is aiming at the Web developer, "Java Web Services" goes for, well, "Experienced Programmers". Both books have a similar format though, in that they quickly cover the basics and move on to practical real-world examples. Both publishers try to solve the problem of rapidly covering fast-moving technology by using teams of authors, and while slight differences in depth and style can be observed in both publications, they are overall quite homogenous and pleasant to read.

Practical XML for the Web

XML is now a maturing technology with many selling points, as have been explained in books and on the Web for the past few years. This book stands out in that it takes you past the hype to show you how to use XML in your web development projects, from client-side use with CSS, XSLT, and scripting in the latest browsers, to basic server-side techniques in various environments, such as ASP and JSP. Its focus is on the practical, all theory being backed up by techniques that are actually used on the Web today.

This book is for all readers who know some basic HTML - it takes you through the basic theory of XML assuming no prior knowledge. However, since the focus of the book is "practical", the theory is soon out of the way leaving the way open for those Web professionals who have previously explored the theory of XML to learn how it can be of use to them in their work.

Table Of Contents

Here is the book's table of contents. Make sure to check out the two free sample chapters five and eight, courtesy of glasshaus!

  1. Introduction to XML
  2. Web Vocabularies
  3. Client-Side XML - Browser Support for XML
  4. Displaying XML Using CSS
  5. Introduction to XSLT
  6. Advanced Client-Side XSLT Techniques
  7. Scripting in the Browser
  8. Introduction to Server-Side XML
  9. Case Study: Using ASP for an XML- and XSLT-Driven Site
  10. Case Study: Displaying XML Data in Flash using JSP
  11. Case Study: Displaying XML from a MySQL Database using PHP & XSLT

On to the programming book...

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