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CeBIT Special Report (1/2) - exploring XML

CeBIT Special Report

Europe's most important exhibition for computer electronics, CeBIT, took place from March 12 to 19 in Hannover, Germany. We interrupt the current XML programme for a look at the state of affairs at the European Information Technology and Telecommunications Industries.

More toys than you can shake a stick at

This year CeBIT is truly tuned into the consumer: New mobile phones and game consoles for kids, DVD recorders and PC-controlled home entertainment systems for the grown ups. Consumer electronics seemed to change venues from the Traditional TV fair ("Funkausstellung") in Berlin to the serious electronics exhibiton CeBIT. The largest display this year was probably Sony's, who are well-entrenched in both consumer and PC electronics. There, I also found my next laptop, or more precisely sub-notebook: A little Vaio, Paper size legal (DIN A5 for the metric people), half the length/width/height of my current Thinkpad, but with a fully-fledged keyboard and 1024x768 pixel screen. Neat.

Not much UMTS to be seen

Motorola and Co. demonstrated some mobile phones the size of a brick, displaying live images that should be functional by this fall. The devices of all major manufacturers look ugly, are awkward to handle and are identical across brands. Looks like the reference design model is still at work and not the final consumer device. Asking for the killer application many uttered "video conferencing", and that in a world where most people still have to send their first picture message with Multimedia Messaging System (MMS). We'll see...

Exhibitors minus 10%, expected visitors minus 20%

At the weekend, it was relatively easy to navigate the aisles, in contrast to previous years where one had to push one's way through. According to most people, the worst part is over and now they're waiting for the rebound.But who is supposed to make the first step, and willing to do so?

But not all is bad...

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Created: Mar 31, 2003
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