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Editing XML: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (5/5) - exploring XML

Editing XML: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The OldWebbers

The well-established players in the HTML and DHTML game also upgrade their flagship products with XML functionality, or deliver entirely new ones:

SoftQuad XMetal

The producer of the well-received HoTMeTaL HTML tool released a dedicated editor for XML. My fellow columnist Stephanos reviewed the product in one of his installments.

Allaire HomeSite

HomeSite has a long-standing tradition as HTML editor. Allaire also has XML experience with its own markup language CFML, Cold Fusion Markup Language, for its application server product. All the greater is the disappointment about the announced and delivered XML support for version 4.5, because it simply elevated files with a .xml or xsl extension into the league of Web files. At least the outline profile editor allows for support of SMIL, WML and other XML standards, as well as arbitrary DTDs through import. On the bright side there is much room for improvement.


Like in real life, your preferences for editing tools might be determined by your roots, whether you come from a SGML, HTML, word processing or programming background. Another factor might be who will pay for your editing pleasures, so the best price/performance ratio will be different for everybody. Since I am a Purist when editing HTML, using my favorite text editors (Notepad/TechText) and HTML editor (HomeSite) also works well for me to edit XML. No matter what will be your personal choice, I hope this article helped you in finding the solution that works best for you.

NEW: There are some more in Addendum A.


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