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Editing XML: Addendum A (2/2) - exploring XML

Editing XML: Addendum A

CUESoft EXml

EXml is an XML editor with a structure view and a source view and built-in XSL namespace support. It checks for well-formedness, and in the structure view you can add element nodes to the tree via a dialog. It has a user-friendly dialog for inserting XSL commands that lets you select properties, for which you can enter the values after insertion. You can also easily add text, CDATA sections, comments, attributes (in a separate pane), and processing instructions. The source view is also modifiable. EXml prompts you to parse the changes back into the tree view structure.

EXml Screenshot

interati debit

This is an open source effort that started out as an XML toolkit in Borland Delphi for Windows and gradually evolved into an editor. It is a usable tool, but like almost every open source project there are still lots of things to do, so you if you are developer you might want to get involved.

debit Screenshot

Extensibility XML Instance

XML Instance is a breakthrough product for schema-driven data editing that allows for the creation, editing and management of data-oriented XML documents, messages, and configuration files. XML Instance offers powerful facilities for editing XML business documents, leading the way to corporate and industry standards for XML data management.

xmlinstance Screenshot


This addendum listed some more XML editors that were recommended from fellow WebReference readers, including some tools for the Mac that I neglected at first (shame on me ;-)). I hope this will help you find the right editor for you; if you still need more selection, have a look at the xmlsoftware site for more XML software than you can shake a stick at!


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