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Editing XML: Addendum A (1/2) - exploring XML

Editing XML: Addendum A

It was inevitable: My list of XML editors was by no way complete. Honestly I did not expect that, so thanks to everyone who sent feedback and especially to those who included a URL to their favorite XML editor that was not mentioned in column8. The following paragraph lists all the submissions, starting with some fine software for the Apple Macintosh.

Media Design in Progress Emile

This XML editor for the Mac provides dialogs and menus for efficient XML markup. The editor automatically adapts to the current document type (DTD). You can customize the user interface for your particular needs by installing or modifying the document types used with the application.

Emile Screenshot

TrafficStudio Sixpack

SixPack is an open source code XML editor for Macintosh designed in REALbasic.

It includes an XML parser (that complies to the XML 1.0 specification as a well-formed processor), a set of classes that emulate the DOM, and a variety of visual components for editing and displaying XML documents. All done in 100% native REALbasic.

Sixpack Screenshot

LunaTech Research Morphon

The Morphon XML Editor is an XML editor which lets you easily create and modify XML documents. It makes sure your document is a correct one (considering the DTD you are using) and presents the data in a user friendly way.

Morphon Screenshot

Univ. Edinburgh XED

XED is a text editor for XML document instances. It is designed to support hand-authoring of small-to-medium size XML documents, and is optimized for keyboard input. It works very hard to ensure that you cannot produce a non-well-formed document. Although it does not validate, it does read DTDs and keep track of your document structure, and provides context-based accelerators to make element and attribute entry fast and easy.

XED keeps track of all the changes you make in your document, so that you can undo changes, as many as you need to, if you make a mistake. This makes it easy to learn: if you're not sure whether a particular command will do what you want, just try it! If the results are not what you wanted, you can Undo them.

XED Screenshot

Recommendations, Part Two.


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