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RSS Viewer Applet: Ready to Rumble (2/6) - exploring XML

RSS Viewer Applet: Ready to Rumble

The Rendering Model

The RSS Applet's model is pretty straightforward: it consists of the underlying canvas box, with its border appearing in the specified width and denoted background color. The box foreground color fills the space between the items as defined in the item margin property. The box will be filled with one title element representing the RSS channel, and a number of item elements describing RSS news items. Both the title and the news items have distinct font and alignment attributes, as well as foreground and background colors for their normal and activated states.

Two examples illustrate the new parameterization:

The out-of-the-box look, "Pretty in Purple":

Blending with the WebReference home page color scheme:

The RSSChannel and RSSHandler classes have not changed, only one class was refined to handle parameters and improve rendering: RSSViewerApplet

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