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RSS Viewer Applet: Ready to Rumble (1/6) - exploring XML

RSS Viewer Applet: Ready to Rumble

By popular demand I brushed up the RSS viewer applet of column 7 and released it under the GNU Public License (GPL). I have added some more user-friendly features to the news applet, like mouseovers and styles. It is now fully customizable to fit your Web site's look and feel. I'll be updating and optimizing this applet in future columns so keep those suggestions coming.

At the end of column 7 I listed some feature wishes for a full-fledged RSS applet. In this installment I deliver on the first three items concerning the user interface. Now there are loads of applet parameters for a sophisticated configuration and customization of the applet's appearance:

srcStringURL of RSS file
box.foregroundintbox foreground color
box.backgroundintbox background color
box.borderintbox border width
box.scrollbooleanbox scrolling
box.scroll.horizontalbooleanhorizontal/vertical scrolling
box.scroll.reversebooleanforward/backward scrolling
title.foregroundinttitle foreground color
title.backgroundinttitle background color
title.foreground.mouseoverinttitle foreground color on mouse-over
title.background.mouseoverinttitle background color on mouse-over
title.font.familyStringtitle font family
title.font.sizeinttitle font size
title.font.styleStringtitle font style
item.foregroundintitem foreground color
item.backgroundintitem background color
item.foreground.mouseoverintitem foreground color on mouse-over
item.background.mouseoverintitem background color on mouse-over
item.font.familyStringitem font family
item.font.sizeintitem font size
item.font.styleStringitem font style
item.marginintitem margin
item.separatorStringitem separator

Scrolling is not yet implemented, so the respective parameters including the item separator are not currently used. All the other properties concerning the applet's appearance are functional, though, to ensure a smooth integration into your Web site's look and feel.

In order to parameterize the visual appearance of the applet a model is needed which breaks down the drawing logic into several components with color and font attributes that can then be customized: The Rendering Model

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Created: Mar. 12, 2000
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