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XML links - exploring XML

Links to sites on XML

There are plenty of Web sites out there concerning themselves with XML. Since usefulness is in the eye of the beholder I will refrain from assessing their quality and leave that up to your individual taste and point of view.

Nevertheless I want to caution you to fully understand the background of the publisher before interpreting the content on a Web site. Some Web site owners might have a good reason to emphasize and push one particular topic or one submission to the standards process, beyond the noble task of information and education.

Someone might declare adherence to standards when in fact he is not, and using XML does not necessarily mean following relevant XML standards. So be careful not to get caught in the hype, or to buy into a non-standard solution. I will do my best to help you there.

Some annotated lists of sites

How to get started with XML

News on the XML industry

XML Standards

Lists of tools for creating, processing and storing XML

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