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eXploringXML TrailMap

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XML for the Web Tutorials [1] XML - the better HTML?
[12] WAP: The Web for Cellphones and PDAs
Standards [2] The Foundation: XML, XSL, X-Link
[6] XHTML 1.0: Where XML and HTML meet
[30] XHTML 1.1 - Module-based XHTML
[43] Living documents with XML events
[49] SVG - Open for Business
[51] SVG: Modularized and mobile
[62] XHTML 2.0 Drafted
[63] Re-framing content with XFrames
Tools [3] XML HierMenus: When XML and DHTML unite...
Products [4] The Browser War continued: XML support in IE and Mozilla
[58] XML in Mozilla 1.0
XML Web News
RSS Publishing
Tutorials [5] Weaving the Web of News
[14] Registering and publishing with RSS
Standards [13] Creating RSS files for your Web site
Tools [7] RSS Viewer Applet: Window to the World of News
[9] RSS Viewer Applet: Ready to Rumble
[26] Tools Update: RSSApplet and Xparse-J
[28] RSS Applet Configurator
[39] RSS without limits: JERSS
XML Authoring Tutorials  
Standards [10] The Meanings of XML: DTDs, DCDs and Schemas
[21] XML Schemas
[24] Dublin Core - Tagging the Web for better search and retrieval
Tools [65] dtddoc step 1: Parsing a DTD [66] [67] [68]
Products [8] Editing XML: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
[23] Dynamically generating HTML pages with XMLC
[38] Smart Tags: Dumb Technology?
[41] XML Import/Export for the Masses
[64] Documenting DTDs I: dtd2html
XML Processing Tutorials [15] Transforming RSS into HTML and WAP (1)
[16] Transforming RSS into HTML and WAP (2)
Standards [11] SAX and DOM and Rock'n Roll
[17] Inside XSL-T
[25] JDOM, The Java DOM [33] The Voice of XML
Tools [26] Tools Update: RSSApplet and Xparse-J
[36] Xparse-J Update 1.1
Products [18] An XML toolkit for Web servers
[20] The crux of client-side XML processing (IE5)
[22] XML Parser Comparison
[31] XSL to XSLT Converter
[32] Project JXTA: An Open, Peer-to-Peer Collaboration Platform
[37] Dynamic Web Sites with XML, XSLT and JSP
[42] Microsoft XML parser version 4 released
[52] Generating Web content with Cocoon
Web Services Tutorials [50] What Web Services Are NOT
Tools [55] Google SVG Search I [56] [57]
Products [54] Web Services at Work: Google Web APIs
XML for Managers * Tutorials [19] XML - what for?
[27] XML and Java for E-Business
Standards [44] UBL: Yet another business language?
[45] Business basics: A Common Business Language
[46] ebXML: Global Standard for Electronic Business?
[47] BizTalk: E-Commerce the Microsoft Way I
[53] MRMLMoz: Mind Reading ML in Mozilla
Products [29] Online Training for XML
[48] BizTalk: E-Commerce the Microsoft Way II
*) How to convince your boss that XML is the right thing to do...


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