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This book section is not meant to be comprehensive, it only reflects titles that I personally found useful. This technology moves so fast that most books are out of date by the time the ink has dried, but a few books still add value by painting the big picture or explaining the rationale of things, that rather get augmented than superceded. And there are always new books in the pipeline, so check back frequently.

Beginning XML
by Hunter, David et al.
Wrox Press Inc., 11/01, 2nd edition

Beginning XML is for developers interested in learning what XML is, what it can do, and how to use it in their web, e-commerce or data-storage applications. Read the free sample chapter.

Learning XML
by Ray, Erik.
O'Reilly & Associates, 01/01

Learning XML gives a gentle introduction into the topic.

Web Development
Practical XML for the Web
by Addey, Dave et al.
glasshaus, 10/02

Shows you how to use XML in your web development, from client-side use with CSS, XSLT, and scripting in the latest browsers, to basic server-side techniques in various environments, such as ASP and JSP.

Read the free sample chapters five and eight.

Project Cool Guide to XML for Web Designers
by Martin, A. Teresa
John Wiley & Sons, 4/99

Good overview of XML and related standards for presenting data on the Web.

XML IE5 Programmer's Reference
by Homer, Alex
Wrox Press, 05/99

Extensive reference on XML programming for Internet Explorer 5.

Software Programming
Java Web Services for Experienced Programmers
by Deitel et. al.
Prentice Hall, 10/02

Offers a complete overview of Java Web services, including XML, DTD, DOM, XSLT, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, and Java tools, designed for professional programmers.

Java & XML, 2nd Edition: Solutions to Real-World Problems
by McLaughlin, Brett.
O'Reilly & Associates, 09/01, 2nd edition
The creator of JDOM leads through various case studies where Java and XML were successfully applied.

Professional ASP XML
by Kropog, Bill
Wrox Press Inc., 06/00

This book will show you how to synthesize your ASP applications with the power of XML. Explains data access, data transfer and administration within the context of e-commerce and the changing face of business on the Web server.

Read the free sample chapter.

Professional XML for .NET Developers
by Dalvi, Dinar
Wrox Press Inc., 12/01

The successor to the ASP book, keeping up with Microsoft technology and buzzword changes.

Professional XML Databases
by William Kevin et al.
Wrox Press Inc., 01/00

Looks at how to integrate XML into your current relational data source strategies. Adresses key issues you should be aware of when structuring, processing, accessing, and storing documents.

Read the free sample chapter.

Professional Java XML
by Kal, Ahmed
Wrox Press Inc., 04/01, 2nd edition

For programmers with little or no previous Java or XML experience, but experience in other languages. Begins simply, but takes the reader to the full range of the language and its specifications, covering Java Servlets, semantics, and Web services with WSDL and UDDI, among other topics.

Professional XML
by Birbeck, Mark et al.
Wrox Press Inc., 05/01, 2nd edition

Presents good design techniques in real-world applications that use XML. Covers a variety of languages, parsers, and servers.

Read the free sample chapter.

Applied XML Solutions
by Marchal, Benôit
Sams, 08/00

Presents a series of projects that show professional developers how XML can be applied to real-world applications, such as linking an object data structure, preparing advanced configuration files, using electronic forms and XML editors, and writing an e-commerce server for purchasing and invoicing.

Technical Overview
XML : Principles, Tools, and Techniques
by Connolly, Dan (Edt)
O'Reilly, 11/97

a classic. The collection of essays captures most aspects of what XML is all about and what it can be used for. While the projects mentioned are either finished or in their nth iteration the book still gives a good overview on what is possible with XML.

Xml, Web Services, and the Data Revolution
by Coyle, Frank
Addison-Wesley, 03/02

This book features the big picture: the true value of XML for distributed information systems.

XML Pocket Reference
by Eckstein, Robert
O'Reilly & Associates, 04/01, 2nd edition

Both an easy to read introduction and a comprehensive reference of the XML foundation technologies. Much of the detail has changed but at that price it is a good deal anyway, and will hopefully be updated soon.

Less technical Overview
XML : A Manager's Guide
by Dick, Kevin
Addison - Wesley, 10/99

A less technical view of XML and its potential. If you need some inspiration on what XML can do for your company, this book not only looks at technology but also at people, processes, and enterprise applications.

ebXML: The New Global Standard for Doing Business on the Internet
by Kotok, Alan / Webber, David
New Riders, 08/01

The first book on ebXML, and the only extended work so far, either print or electronic, written for business managers.

Standards in-depth
XML Specification Guide
by Graham, Ian S. / Quin, Liam
John Wiley & Sons, 1/99

The XML Standard commented, not for the novice but a very careful explanation of even the more subtle aspects of XML.

Inside XSLT
by Holzner, Steven
New Riders, 07/01

Looks inside, well, XSLT.

XSLT Programmer's Reference
by Kay, Michael
Wrox Press Inc., 04/01, 2nd edition

Looks at XSLT. Read the free sample chapter.

Professional ebXML Foundations
by Wrox Author Team
Wrox Press, 11/01

Covers ebXML nicely.

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