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XHTML Tags Reference - exploring XML | 2

Survey results

Thank you for participating in the survey. The winners of the five copies of "Professional XML databases" by WROX Press are:



#Most liked and disliked Articles+-δ
1.[3] XML HierMenus: When XML and DHTML unite...134+9
2.[1] XML - the better HTML?1913+6
3.[4] The Browser War continued: XML support in IE and Mozilla105+5
4.[17] Inside XSL-T30+3
[21] XML Schemas30+3
6.[2] The Foundation: XML, XSL, X-Link76+1
[5] Weaving the Web of News65+1
[25] JDOM, The Java DOM10+1
22.[8] Editing XML: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly35-2
[6] XHTML 1.0: Where XML and HTML meet24-2
[23] Dynamically generating HTML pages with XMLC02-2
25.[9] RSS Viewer Applet: Ready to Rumble15-4
26.[10] The Meanings of XML: DTDs, DCDs and Schemas49-5
27.[7] RSS Viewer Applet: Window to the World of News17-6
Readers' Occupation
Web Developer41
Web Programmer21
Web Designer6
Web Surfer5
Favorite Column Type
Most wanted Topics
XML Databases4029610
XML in Web Browsers26321022
XML Tools15311770
XML Standards13332542


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