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XML browser resources - exploring XML

XML browsers and viewers
The links below refer to software for browsing and viewing XML documents. This section is not meant to be comprehensive, it only reflects tools I personally worked with.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5
the first web browser with "full" XML support, including namespaces and XSL-T. A more in-depth discussion of XML support in IE5 is in column 4.

the long-awaited successor of Netscape Comunicator uses XML for both documents and internally for data. Mozilla M12 is also reviewed in column 4.

IBM alphaworks XML viewer
"XML Viewer for Java is a Java application that displays any well-formed XML document. You can traverse the document's hierarchy using the tree views, find out the attributes of a particular node in the hierarchy and view the source of the XML and associated DTD files. You can also view the source of a selected node in the XML source view and the definition of the node in the DTD source view." (from their website)
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