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XML editor resources - exploring XML

XML editors
The links below refer to software for editing XML documents. This section is not meant to be comprehensive, it only reflects tools I personally worked with.

Microsoft XML Notepad
Not bad, and it is free. I have seen high-priced commercial products that do less.

SoftQuad XMetaL
this one I have not personally used, but my fellow colleague Stephanos has reviewed this commercial product.

Any text editor with line numbers, plus IE5 to validate
This is actually a serious suggestion, again with excellent price-performance ratio. Just edit your sources in a plain text editor with basic support for line numbers and indentation, and load it into IE5 to get it validated, and to have reported back the errors in your document by line number and position.

Allaire HomeSite 4.5
Most HTML tools we have basic XML/XSL support like this one, where you can load and save files with .xml and .xsl file extensons, and have the generic tag and line number support, without any special features.
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