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XML parser and processor resources - exploring XML

XML Parsers and Processors
The links below refer to software for parsing and processing XML documents. This section is not meant to be comprehensive, it only reflects tools I personally worked with.

IBM XML4J Parser and Lotus XSL Processor
very mature Java technology from IBM for processing XML and XSL. XML4C is a C/C++ XML parser.

apache.org Xerces, Xalan, Cocoon, and FOP
The Apache Group, who brought to you the Apache Web Server, has broadened its focus on XML parsing and processing for C and Java.
  • Xerces - XML parsers in Java, C++, and Perl
  • Xalan - XSLT stylesheet processors, in Java and C++
  • Cocoon - XML-based web publishing, in Java
  • FOP - XSL formatting objects, in Java

Sun Project X
Sun has included an XML parser in its Java 2 platform.

Oracle also provides an XML parser and XSL processor for Java.

4Thought delivers Python tools for XML processing.

expat is an XML Parser written in C, which is the foundation for the perl XML package, and it is also built into the mozilla browser.
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