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Animations can provide anything from a touch of creativity to a full-blown moving platform to your work. We also have listings of animation software.

WebReference Articles

3-D Animation Workshop
A biweekly tutorial on creating compelling 3-D animation for the Web. By Robert Polevoi.
3-D Animation on the Web
What can be done, right now, to put compelling, commercially viable 3-D animation on web sites? Using affordable tools, Polevoi shows us how to create practical yet provocative 3D animated GIFs that grab and hold your viewer's attention.
The Art of Animation
Learn the important basics of creating animations that dazzle and entertain - but do not annoy. By Dmitry Kirsanov.
Flash Links
WebReference's own listing of Flash resources for animations.
GIF Animation in Tables
Tutorial on using Imageready and Photoshop within tables as one way to optimize animations. By Dan Giordan.
GIF Animation Studio Book Excerpt
Everything you'd want to know about GIF animation. Details the major animation programs, profiles leading designers, and documents advanced animation techniques. Read about how to create an animated wall, all about disposal methods, and more. By Richard Koman, of Web Review.
Intro to Flash
Learn how to make a splash screen, it's easier than you thought!
Web Animation - More Than Software
Christopher Grotke tells us why he thinks the time is ripe for Web Animation to come of age.

Other Resources

GIF Animation Tools, Techniques, Examples and Resources
Introduction to using GIFs as animations with links to other resources and examples. From the Web Developers Virtual Library.
Anatomy of an Animation Explosion
A Web Review article that documents how GIF animations came about. By Andrew Leonard.
Animated GIFs
A step-by-step tutorial on creating animated images for Web pages. You'll learn how to use the most popular tools, and how to optimize your animations for minimal load time.
The Animated GIF Artists Guild
The Animated Gif Artists Guild (AGAG) was originated in the late summer of 1996 for the purpose of unity among artists as well as archivers of GIF89a files. The objectives of the guild's existance are to help set standards, centralized information about GIF89a and to have fun.
The Animated GIF Recipe
Non-technical how to tutorial on creation of animated GIFs, by Richard Koman of Web Review.
Animated GIFs
A large collection of GIFs, tutorials, and tools. From desktoppublishing.com.
GIF89a Format Specification
The original spec. circa July 1990 from Compuserve.
GIF Animation on the WWW
The definitive resource for GIF89a animation. Links, tutorials, specs., programs, even bug reports, everything you need to create effective GIF animations. The GIF89a spec. allows you to embed multiple images into one GIF with timing information. By Royal Frazier.
GIF Animation Tips
Learn how to build an animation frame by frame as well as transitions and scrolling text.
Online Animated Banner Maker
Instantly create simple banners over the web. No fancy plug-ins or hard thinking required.
Yahoo: Computer Animation: Animated GIFs
Yahoo's collection of animated GIF resources.

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