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Keyword searchable fonts that you can download. Over 2000 fonts available.
Typeface products and type technology for digital publishing.
Comic Book Fonts
As they say, the "world's best comic book fonts."
Commercial Font Sources and Type Foundries
A resource for links to fonts and type foundries. From Desktoppublishing.com.
The comp.fonts FAQ
From 1996. This was the last version of the FAQ that Norman Walsh produced.
David and Alex's Font World
Lots of true type fonts available for download in zip file format. Updated often.
"Fonts for people with computers."
A digital type foundry with an on-line catalog.
Over 400 true type fonts for Windows in many categories to choose from. Sample preview download in one step. Easy to browse.
Manufacturing quality-crafted type, FontWorld assists professionals with multiple language and custom typeface requirements.
Global Prepress Center
Links to resources for graphic artists including fonts and jumplists.
Golden State Graphics-Font Power Tools
Personal home of theTypeBook, theFONDler, theFontsBrowser and MatchThis font utilities
Handwriting Fonts
Have a custom handwriting font made in TrueType, PostScript Type 1, and/or LaserJet bitmapped formats.
International Typeface Corporation
Linotype Fonts
Home of Linotype FontExplorer, Corporate Type, typomedia and more than 4000 fonts. Together with Adobe, Monotype and ITC, Linotype Fonts is one of the leading font manufacturers/licensers.
Match Fonts
Repository of various fonts including foreign language fonts.
Font and software solutions for developers.
Phil's Fonts
Resource for type and graphic software, and features font showings, free font downloads, web specials, type and graphics links, and more.
Sooy Type Foundry
Postscript Type One and Truetype fonts for publishing and website design, Mac and PC platforms.
Microsoft Typography FontPack
An online resource for type users and type developers. From this page you can download fonts for use with Windows and Apple Macintosh computers.
Webreview.com Fonts
A site dedicated to fonts and typography. Filled with articles and hints
Will-Harris House - Esperfonto
Learn how to typecast by emotion. Fontastic.

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