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Creating Imagemaps (Clickable Images)
Web Communications HTML Guide: Creating Clickable Images. A simple, step by step explanation of how to create clickable images and buttons (imagemaps).
Creating Imagemaps for the Web
Tutorials and links to additional information, from the Northwestern University Library.
Embed with HTML
Tutorial 12 of WebRef's HTML with Style column. Covers the proper procedures for embedding client-side and server-side image maps in HTML documents.
HTML 4.0 Image Map Specs
From the W3C, gives the official implementation specs for image maps in HTML 4.0.
Image Maps Tutorial
Covers client-side and server-side imagemaps as well as combined client/server side image maps.
The Image Map Help Page
An educational resource intended to provide assistance with the implementation of image maps. Concise, step by step directions are geared towards beginners yet useful to advanced webmasters.
Low-Bandwidth Rollovers
WebRef's DHTML Lab explores using CSS positioning and Client-Side image maps for creating dynamic menus.
NCSA Image Map Tutorial
Step-by-step tutorial for designing and serving graphical maps of information resources with either the external image map CGI script or with the built in image map support in NCSA HTTPd 1.5.


Note: There are many software packages for creating image maps available, and there are tools built into many popular HTML editors. Here's a sampling of what's available:

CoffeeCup Image Mapper
Popular Windows software for creating image maps
Image Map Converter
Online server-side to client-side image map converter.
Image Map Tool
A tool for creating clientside image maps for X Windows Systems.
Client-Side Image Mapping Program for Windows 95/98/NT4.
A clickable map utility program for WebSTAR, MacHTTP, and NetPresenz.
A WYSIWYG editor for image maps for Windows in all flavors, MacOS, Solaris, SunOS, Unix, and Linux. Now supports PNG and JPEGs. By Thomas Boutell, keeper of the WWW FAQ.
Freeware Windows utility for making client-side maps.
Poor Person's Image Mapper
A web-based utility that turns mouse clicks into coordinates on any image accesible on the WWW.
Web HotSpots
Visual authoring tools that create a range of standard media types, from image maps to still images to full powered interactive animations with audio.

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