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A+ Art
High quality clip art, icons, backgrounds, animations and more.
The Animation Factory (*)
One of the largest free animation archives on the Web. Over 12,000 free animations, categorized by image subject.
Downloadable clip-art, web art, and photos. Features a keyword search engine. Both free and subscriber libraries are offered.
Clipart.com & Clip-Art.com
Similarly titled but unaffiliated sites, offering downloadable clip art (in a wide variety of themes) and links to other clip art sources.
A huge resource for graphic designers. Includes free graphics (icons, backgrounds), DTP and graphics news, product reviews. You can also purchase related books and software online.
Large collection of - surprise! - free images. Art, photos, icons, animations, backgrounds and more, all free. Some background images are available in a variety of color scheme variations.
Jupiterimages is one of the leading images companies in the world with over seven million images online serving creative professionals with brands like BananaStock, Big Shot Media, Botanica, Brand X Pictures, Comstock Images, Creatas Images, Creatas Footage, FoodPix, Goodshoot, IT Stock Free, Nonstock, Thinkstock Images, Thinkstock Footage, AbleStock.com, Animation Factory, Clipart.com, liquidlibrary, PhotoObjects.net and Photos.com. Jupiterimages offers both rights-managed and royalty-free stock images via single image download, CD collections or subscriptions from the world's leading photo agencies, many exclusively. Our evolving stock photography content is not only the highest quality stock imagery in the industry but also offers a wide range of choices - from innovative to contemporary to classic - making it easy and enjoyable to discover and express your most creative ideas.

Online and CD stock and free images and GIF animations, a must see.
Publisher's Depot
Find, price, license, and acquire all varieties of stock images from this virtual warehouse. Offers creative professionals in graphic design a full range of services including photography, electronic publishing, print publishing, illustrations, line art, fonts, maps, and much more.
Texture Land
Almost 200 free texture images for web backgrounds, texture mapping, etc. All with an abnormal twist.
Web FX (*)
Free Web-based image processing. Applies Photoshop-style effects and generates animations to any image file on the Web. Just supply a URL and stand back.
Web GraFX-FX
Thousands of GIF89a animations, categorized, shown with background selector.
Web Of Dreams
Dream Graphics provides high quality backgrounds, theme sets, buttons and more, free for use on non-commericial sites.

Link Collections

Formerly called "Arribavista", this is a Net-wide image search engine, organized by image type/keyword. Note: Not all of the images linked to are in the public domain.
Web Clip Art (*)
Links, links and more links to all kinds of clip art on the web. From the Mining Co.
Web Developers Virtual Library's Images and Icons
One of our internet.com sister sites, featuring large collection of links to image resources (thousands of icons, free images and clip art).
Yahoo Clip Art Links

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