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2-D Graphics Packages

Apple Electrifier
An Internet graphics and animation Netscape plug-in based on Mac OS 8 Graphics technology from Apple Computer, Inc. Makes it possible for users to view large-scale vector graphics and animation in as little as 1K, allowing rapid download over the Internet.
CorelXARA is the first truly object-oriented illustration package capable of producing high quality images that are usually associated with high-end bitmap editing programs. Anti-aliasing of all objects and full transparency control, as well as Web specific features such as GIF and JPEG saving
DeBabelizer (*)
A superbly versatile graphics conversion and color manipulation program. Available for both Windows and Mac this veritable swiss army knife of graphics tools supports more file formats, and allows more ways to tweak a color palette than any other program.
A suite of text, design, illustration, image editing, URL, JavaScript, and animation tools. Allows you to create everything for your Web site, without jumping from application to application. Designers can optimize and preview final output in every popular format.
General Image Manipulation Program. A free Linux/Unix-based Photoshop look-alike graphics editing program. Has many plug-ins contributed by active developers.
Graphics Workshop for Windows
The Debabelizer of the Windows world. Shareware file converter, viewer, and manipulator. Supports PNG, GIF89a, JPEG, and MPEG and Quicktime viewing. From Alchemy Mindworks, Inc.
A comprehensive tool for preparing graphics for use on the Web. Sporting the familiar Adobe interface, ImageReady works seamlessly with both Adobe Photoshop(R) and Illustrator(R) to streamline your Web graphics workflow from creative concept to display on the Web.
LightningDraw GX
The first Creative-Illustration tool for artists, for both print and the Web. Integrates 'painterly' features including Photoshop-style transparency in a drawing environment, and provides "intelligent" typography in any language.
LightningDraw Lite
A versatile illustration tool for creating GIF, JPEG and Electrifier content for the World Wide Web. With sophisticated color, gradients, translucency, and typography features. Available for free.
Interface allows beginning users to "point-and-click" to create stunning animation! Integrates seamlessly with all print, multimedia, and desktop video programs.
Originates from the same high-end draw package used by professional graphic designers, specially adapted for the Web. Interface makes it simple to draw your own creations or embellish existing images. Runs on Windows 95 and Windows NT (32 bit) Features: node editing, freehand, & Bezier drawing modes.
The heart of Painter is its unique ability to simulate traditional tools and techniques. It lets you paint with texture, noise, fire, glow; remove scratches or clone images. Features Dynamic Plug-in Floaters that perform image processing effects (like burning and tearing) that update automatically. They can also create new objects like a liquid metal painting layer. Painter's Dynamic Floaters can be moved, changed and reapplied without altering the original source material.
Paint Shop Pro
Shareware Windows graphics program, does antialiasing and registered users can get a patch that allows transparencies. From Jasc, Inc.
Photo-Paint (*)
A powerful image editing and painting program that handles both layers and objects. Features a vast array of special effects filters with impressive painting, masking and object-handling tools. By Corel.
Photoshop (*)
The most powerful image editing program available. A photo retouching and image creation studio in a box. Third-party plug-ins extend the program similarly to Netscape's plug-ins. Handle's numerous graphic file formats. By Adobe.
Free online graphic tool that creates 3-D logos and text all with just a standard Web browser and no additional software. Also check out the huge clip art library which has dozens of free, professional-looking images for personal use.
SPG ColorWorks
A suite of 23 Web tools throughly integrated into SPG's own Painter. Available for Windows OS.
Ulead PhotoImpact
This graphics software designed exclusively for Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.51 contains a Multi-level Interface designed for beginners to advanced artists. Its EasyPalette contains panels of visual samples to Pick-and-Apply special effects, styles, textures, and gradient fills for your images.
WebFX is a graphics manipulatition tool that you use right over the Web. No downloads, plug-ins or Java are required! WebFX has eight different categories of effects, with a total of over four-dozen different effects. Many of the effects are animated.
Web Graphics Suite
A comprehensive selection of HTML authoring, animation and graphics tools. Features animation effects, 3D world creation, and 7,500 images in GIF and JPEG format
A suite of software tools that allows Windows users to easily manipulate graphics for the Web. Create transparent GIFs, ISMAPs, interlace GIF and PNG images, image optimization, web effects, color reductions, thumbnails, and enhancements.
A combination of graphics packages that work together for Web image creation and manipulation. The package includes Picture Publisher 8 (a general-purpose raster image editing program), Simply 3D 3 (a 3D creation and animation program), Windows Draw 6 (a vector drawing program), and Media Manager 8 (a high-end graphics thumbnail browser and search tool).
Xara Webster
A versatile graphics tool that can import/export vector and bitmaps graphics. Allows you to compose, manipulate (reduce colors etc.), and add text to your animations. In addition to GIF and JPEG formats Webster can export PNG and their own vector-based proprietary format.

2-D Graphics Optimization

Home page of this shareware Mac application that makes smaller GIFs than Graphic Converter
HVS ColorGIF and JPEG (*)
(HVS=Human Visual Systems) Sophisticated plug-ins for Photoshop and Debabelizer that intelligently reduces 24-bit images into 8-bit (or less) images with little discernible loss of image quality. It uses a patented psychovisual processing technique that closely emulates how the human eye perceives and masks color and allows graphic designers to create virtually identical looking graphics with a subset of their original color palette. From Digital Frontiers.
NetGraphics Studio
Besides optimization, this application also includes automatic transparency generation on vector art, interactive imag resizing and compression, batch processing, and much more.
Compress TGA, BMP, PCX, and TIF color images to smaller more useable JPEG, Progressive JPEG and PIC(Enhanced JPEG). PicPress uses Pegasus enhanced JPEG compression to create a 15% to 50% smaller,better quality standard JPEG file and the new Progressive JPEG file supported by Netscape 2.0 and Microsoft Explorer. For Windows.
Graphics tool that automatically optimizes your images for web use and determines which format,GIF or JPG or PNG, is best. Resizes images without loss of data and lots of tools for image manipulation. For Windows 95 & NT only.
Another excellent Photoshop plug-in from BoxTop Software. This one is the first to save the new progressive JPEG format and regular JPEGs on the Mac. Includes a compression percentage slider bar.
Ulead PhotoImpact GIF/JPEG SmartSaver
Offers powerful GIF and JPEG image optimization for web designers. Existing PhotoImpact users can download it for free.
VIMAS Web Imaging
Does JPEG, GIF, and PNG compression and color reduction.

Miscellaneous Software

A Photoshop filter that blends non-dithering colors to simulate any RGB color. Does essentially the same thing as DitherBox, but also allows HEX input of source color. ColorSafe has real-time blending which gives you immediate feedback and makes tweaking colors a pleasure. From BoxTop Software.
GraphX Viewer
A new helper application for Windows that allows you to view and most any graphic format, now including the new PNG standard. From Group 42.
Mask Pro
A complete collection of sophisticated masking tools that guarantees the highest quality results.
A new plug-in for Photoshop (Mac. Windows, SUN, and SGI available shortly) that allows you to save in GIF89a format and interlaced directly from Photoshop. From Boxtop software (they're also working on a PNG plug-in, stay tuned).
PlugPage (*)
A huge collection of plug-ins for Photoshop and Debabelizer that utilize Digital Frontiers' HVS Color technology.
A Perl program that automatically inserts WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes to your IMG tags in any HTML file. This greatly speeds up the display of your pages, making the Web a much more pleasant place to surf. By Alex Knowles and Andrew Tong.

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