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3-D Graphics Software

3D Impact
This application is compatible with web authoring, digital video editing and presentation software. It also supports real-time preview rendering. From Crystal Graphics.
3D Orion
Has hierarchial modeling, collision detection, texture mapping, gouraud/phong/Lambert shading, and more.
3D Studio Max
Features single screen modeling, rendering and animating, network rendering capabilities and has object-oriented processes. Available for Windows 95 and NT. From Kinetix.
Cinema 4D
A 3D modeling, animation and ray-tracing package. It supports multithreading and multiprocessing for up to 16 processors. Available for Windows 95/NT, Power Macintosh and DEC Alpha machines.
Its resolution-independent models combine solid and surface modeling, Boolean operations, surface editing, blending, and support for QuickDraw 3D RAVE.
Extreme 3D
Although not a program for film and video professionals, it offers some powerful 3D tools for web and multimedia designers. It renders animations in the GIF89a and Progressive JPEG formats, and it offers direct support for VRML. Lacks a raytracer. Available for the Macintosh and PC. From Macromedia.
form *Z RenderZone
Although not equipped with an animator, it is unsurpassed for its modeling capabilities. Also features a large library of tools and a customizable interface. Available for the Macintosh and Windows. From Autodessys Inc.
3D graphics engine built for high performance real-time rendering. It offers advanced lighting features, 3D modeling support, seamless soft-skin polygonal characters, and many other innovations. It is intended for many types of applications including education, business and the Internet. For Windows.
Features include MIP mapping and summation tables for perfect texture mapping with temporal anti-aliasing, true reflections in Phong shading, and a plug-in architecture allowing the use of animated Adobe Photoshop(tm) and After Effects(tm) filters. Available for the PowerMac and Windows 95 & NT. From MetaCreations Corporation.
Integrates radiosity and ray tracing technologies along with physically based lighting specifications. For Windows 95/NT systems.
LightWave 3D (*)
The current version of this program features infinite layered surfaces, built-in cel shader, and a very high quality renderer. It has superb anti-alasing, nice speed and supports OpenGL and Quicktime 3D. Available for the Macintosh and PC. From NewTek.
The Persistence of Vision Raytracer is a high-quality, totally free tool for creating three-dimensional graphics. It is available in official versions for Microsoft Windows 3.1/Win32s and Windows 95/NT, DOS, the Macintosh, i86 Linux, SunOS, and Amiga. The source code is available for those wanting to do their own ports.
Ray Dream Studio
Has advanced animation features, a powerful modeler, a huge library of forms, and a sizable number of high end controls. Available for the Macintosh and PC. From Fractal Design.
Rhino brings the full power of the AGLib NURBS modeling technology to Windows. You can create, edit, and render any combination of freeform curves, surfaces, and solids. You can then export your model to down stream processes.
Sculpt 3D
This program features speedy raytracing combined with high rendering quality. It also has modeling and animation capabilities. Available for the Macintosh and PC. From Byte by Byte.
Softimage 3D
Along with the standard features you might expect from a high end program such as this, Softimage 3D also includes a huge library of preformatted content which is continually updated and available from their website. Available for Windows NT. From Microsoft Corp.
Strata Studio Pro
Features UV mapping, volumetric and procedural shaders, in-context modelers, texture mixing and more. Available for Macintosh. From Strata Inc.
truSpace3 (*)
This easy to use software package allows you to create, render and animate 3D models and photorealistic images for animations, web pages, and VRML worlds, from Caligari Corporation.

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