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Graphics play a key role in Web site creation. Learn all you need to know to make killer graphics with these tutorials.

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How to Use Photoshop for the Web
In this excerpt you'll learn how to create images for the Web. Some of the topics covered are file formats and size, preparing backgrounds, creating slices, making pages load faster and more.. By Carla Rose/Que & Sams Publishing. January 9, 2006
Production Graphics (*)
In her bi-weekly column, Wendy Peck offers up useful, practical, hands-on and real-world advice for graphics professionals and Web developers alike. Also featured are interviews with big names in the world of Web graphics, and regular tours of "Graphics Greats" - sites that highlight recent lessons, and can give designers great inspiration for their own graphics. Plus don't miss Wendy's links.
3D Animation Workshop (*)
Like your graphics to have a little more depth to them? Then head over to the 3D workshop with our expert columnist, Rob Polevoi. Author and professor, Rob will teach you the ins and outs of 3D rendering and animation, as well as keeping you up-to-date with the fast changing world of Web 3D.
Dmitry's Design Lab (*)
Archives of our regular column on professional Web design by Dmitry Kirsanov, author of Top Ten Web Design Tips and HTML Unleashed. A freelance Web designer and technical writer, Dmitry covers both practical and theoretical design issues, ranging from lessons in using distortion and texture in your images to the art of chaos and animation.
Optimizing Animated GIFs
Learn how to create the smallest possible animated GIFs. We compare the latest GIF optimizers, inter-frame optimization methods, and the new GIFCruncher, the amazing new on-line GIF reduction service. By Andrew King.
Optimizing Web Graphics
Learn how to minimize file size and dithering for Web graphics. Includes detailed instructions on reducing bit depth, using the special 216 non-dithering palette, and recommended software tools. By Andrew King.
QuickTime VR
Learn how to create QTVR movies from an expert with this first-hand report. Compares QTVR to VRML, and includes two movies you can navigate around. By June Campbell.
Using Photoshop 5.5 and Imageready 2.0 to Create Image Tables
It slices, it dices, and it makes chopping up graphics for your Web pages easier than ever. Open publishing contributor Kurt Nimmo walks us through these graphics tools with Ginsu-like precision.
Creating Dynamic Web Sites
An emphasis on interactivity, sensible design, and user psychology makes this book a useful addition to any webmaster's bookshelf. Read our two featured chapters:
  • Chapter 1: Interacting with Graphics
    From designing and reducing effective graphics, through page design and layout, to digital photography and scanning, this chapter guides designers with an expert hand.
  • Chapter 4: Interacting with Animation
    Animation is a great way to jazz up your pages, in this chapter learn how to use three technologies for creating animation: animated GIFs, Java, and Shockwave.

Other Tutorials

A semimonthly on-line magazine devoted to teaching people about online digital publishing and digital media. An excellent resource for graphic designers. The sister publication to Adobe Magazine, a bimonthly print magazine for owners of Adobe products.
Adobe Tips and Techniques
Learn from the masters at Adobe. HTML and PDF articles with tips on all of Adobe's products.
Create Web Graphics
Tips and techniques on creating web graphics. JavaScript mouseovers, antialiasing, Photoshop setup tips, and GIF/JPEG tutorials. From Wide Area Communication.
Your one-stop shop for GIF and JPG graphics. Features tutorials on scanning, image creation and optimization, an image gallery and more.
GrafX Design
Graphics services, links, and tutorials, covering Photoshop, Corel, and Paint Shop Pro, as well as covering more generalized topics.
Wide variety of Photoshop power tips, tips from Kai Krause (creator of Kai's Power Tools), the KPT forum (discuss graphic issues, including Photoshop and WWW graphics), MacArt magazine, a veritable gold mine for graphic designers.
Features tutorials on Photoshop, GIF Construction Set, Illustrator, Flash, GoLive, animated GIFs and more. This site is very graphics intensive.
Web Graphics 101
Will walk you through the fundamentals of computer graphics for the Web. Covers everything from color depth and dithering to vector graphics and image formats.
Web Graphics on a Budget
This site presents multiple tutorials on creating different web graphics using Paint Shop Pro, a shareware program for Windows. Features topics like buttons, bars, image manipulation, and more.

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