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B&W TV Effect- Giordan on Graphics | 2

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Step 1-
Building a CRT Line Grid

The first task is to create a line grid that will give the feel of a TV screen. These should be horizontal, tightly-spaced lines that we can blur and modify. While you can import lines from a drawing program, it’s not that tough to do it in Photoshop, as we shall see.

Begin by setting the following parameters: Create a new layer, turning off the main image so that the blank layer with the checkerboard is all that is showing. You should also be in Full Screen Mode With Menu Bar, with Guides showing and Snap To Guides active (remember that rulers must be showing to drag guides). Drag four guides around the edge of the image frame, to help align the line grid as it is drawn.

Use Path tool to draw one line horizontally across the very top. Copy and paste the line repeatedly until five are equally spaced. Use the checkerboard grid to help with vertical spacing. Copy all five and paste again, now stacking groups of five lines at a time. Repeat this process until the entire screen is full of horizontal path lines. Use the rulers to help you with spacing, and be sure to zoom in to 100% in ensure accuracy. The spacing used for this 4"x7" 300dpi image was 16 lines per inch.

Save the path, naming it "Grid" & click OK. Once the path is saved you may delete the new layer, it was only created to help in the creation of the grid. Create a new channel and activate it, hiding the rest of the image. With the new channel active, switch to the Paths palette and click on the Grid path in the Paths Palette to activate it. The result to this point is shown in the image above. Viewing only the new channel creates the black background, which makes it easy to see the path lines.


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