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Tool #10- Variations


If you need a crash course in color relationships, check out this control. Variations displays thumbnails of the current image in a color wheel array. The main image thumbnail is in the center, surrounded by variations that are more blue, yellow, red, etc. Click on a variation and the color is added, and the thumbnails shift to reflect the new color relationships.

A slider controls the degree of color change, and there is also a lightness/darkness thumbnail set that does not change color.

This control is a replica of the standard Apple color picker, with a color wheel and lightness bar. You can select colors and evaluate the results in real time. Add red and see the cyan drop out, add blue and watch the yellow diminish. If you get confused about how colors relate to each other, stop in here for a refresher course.

Experiment with all of the color controls in this article, and remember that if you’re getting frustrated you’re probably applying the tool with the wrong expectations.






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