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Tool #6- Hue / Saturation


Hue Saturation shifts entire ranges of color within the image. It offers sliders that control the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness in the image, as well as color spectrum bars that show the current image values, as well as color modifications. Move the Hue slider and the lower spectrum bar shifts, showing the color range that replaces the current one.

A great feature in this control set is the Colorize checkbox, which converts the image to a single hue. Moving the Hue slider lets you choose a specific color, while Saturation and Lightness control the intensity and brightness of the color values.

This control is great for making pure color changes, such as adding a graphic color effect, swapping a color, or creating bright, over-saturated colors. It resists naturalistic changes leaving those tasks to Curves or Levels.


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