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The Accented Edges Filter

Lets be honest don't need anyone to teach you how to move sliders back and forth. You just need someone to show you the different things that can happen when you do. To that end, I'm just going to show you the reference image for the filter being applied, and the related controls that created it.

In the case of the accented edges filter the effect is that of a soft watercolor, with highlights or shadows painted around the edges of things. The controls give control over edge width, edge brightness, and smoothness.

This is the result of the default settings, as shown below. The edge width is minimal and the image is kept fairly bright.

The image can be smoothed over by dropping the edge width all the way down to one and cranking the smoothness up to 15. The darker edge lines were created by dropping the edge brightness from 38 to 8.

This dark and gothic effect is created by bumping the Edge Width from 2 to 7 and dropping the Smoothness down to 3.


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