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Photoshop Brush Strokes- Giordan on Graphics

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Exploring Photoshop's Brush Stroke Filters

My last column on the Photoshop Lighting Effects filter was very popular, and I decided to come back this week with another column in the same format. So I surveyed the Photoshop filter landscape for something to profile, and my eyes fell on the Brush Stroke filters.

While Brush Strokes are technically eight filters, they are related to each other, and most people cannot accurately tell you the difference between them, that is if they can even name a few of them.

Go ahead, take the Brush Stroke filters challenge...If you can name even half of the Brush Stroke filters without looking, send me an e-mail and I'll quietly be impressed. And now, back to our regularly scheduled column...

As you will see in the pages that follow, the Brush Stroke filters apply a range of brushy edge effects to images and photos. I'll use the image at the left as a reference image, chosen for its contrast and bright colors.

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