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Enhanced Web Features

Adobe has also beefed up the Web optimization features in ImageReady 2.0. For example, one of the best features in this entire upgrade is the new image-slicing palette. This feature lets you slice an image and generates the HTML code to create a table to reassemble all of the pieces.

You could already do this in ImageReady 1.0, but it was much more limited. Let me give you an example that I run into at least once a week in my own web development work. You build a page and you want to slice it up to port it to HTML. The page has numerous graphic buttons, as well as some photographs. In the past you would drag out guides to define the table cells, and select Save As, checking off the "Slice Image Along Guides" checkbox, as well as the "Save HTML" checkbox. ImageReady would then save each slice based on the current settings in the Optimize palette. If you’re paying attention you can see my dilemma. You would want to save the photos as jpegs and the graphics as gifs. I had to actually generate two tables, one as a gif, and another as a jpeg, then open the html file and change the image tags to reflect gif or jpg. This uses too many steps, and is a work-around at best.

The good news is that the image-slicing table in ImageReady 2.0 lets you define the slice lines and then set separate optimization for each slice of the image. Build one table and you’re done. This is a great example of Adobe getting close enough to its customers to implement real-world improvements.

The other major enhancement in the web development area is the ability to use multiple views when converting images. Instead of a simple before and after screen, ImageReady 2.0 lets you look at up to four different image renditions, enough to see the original, a jpeg, a gif, and perhaps a png for good measure, all side-by-side.

Adobe is also excited over a lossy gif feature that promises to reduce gif file sizes by 10%-50% over current methods. These changes add up to complete control over the full image area, allowing different compression schemes and advanced image comparison.

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