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Let There Be Lines pg 5: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at webreference.com


Let There Be Lines 5: Scan Lines



Original photo.

New layer filled with scan pattern as described, with Fade Fill to 35%.

Same as above with Noise filter added.

Background pattern created with scan file. New layer filled with pattern. Fade Fill 35% and Blur filter applied (soften scan effect on solid color).

We will use almost the same process as we used for the grid to create simple scan lines. This is a basic pattern that I would advise you save for future use.

Start with a new layer. Create a fixed size marquee as on the previous page, but 1 px by 50 px (this could be 1x1 pixels, but I prefer a little more to work with, and in this case it really makes no difference). Zoom in until you can see the marquee outline clearly—there is no need to see the full length. Fill this selection with white. I have shown it here with a gray background for clarity. Change your fixed marquee size to 2 px by 50 px and select the area you have just filled again. You may have to move the new marquee to be exactly on the line. It will look like this.

Choose Edit, Define Pattern from the main menu. To save the file for future use, copy the selection. Choose File>New from the main menu and accept the file size (should be 2 px by 50 px). Paste the selection into the new document and save as a GIF file with transparency. To use at a later date, open the file you have saved. Select All and choose Edit>Define Pattern from the Main Menu. You can now open any file, create a new layer and fill the layer with the defined pattern.

I have included a the file as described above for your convenience. However, if you did not understand fully what I was describing in the create and save portions of this article, I urge you to work through the exercise. This is a very basic method for building a basket of your own tricks, and since we tend to return often to our favorite techniques, is a great time saver.

Use Save Target As on this link to download scan pattern.



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