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Menus with Beauty and Brains 3 pg 5: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at


Menus with Beauty and Brains 3: Finding the Fonts


We have talked about working with small fonts, and now we will take a peek at a sampling of the specialty fonts that are designed to be used at specific sizing. You may wish to see the first article in the Menus with Beauty and Brains series for more information on fonts.


We have already looked at Sevenet 7 in an earlier article, but it is one of the most popular screen fonts. Another well respected font is Mini 7, by Joe Gillespie of Web Page Design for Designers. I have included a sampling of this amazing small font collection. I have not included the extras part of the font family, which includes many kerning and decorative tools.

Although this is not a free font, the entire collection is available for $15 US for Mac or PC. See more about Mini 7.

Joe has just released a new pixel font called Tenacity, designed to be used at 10 pts. See left for a sample of the variations included with this font. See more about Tenacity.


The 04 Bitmap font family provides plenty of variety in style. The fonts are created by Yuji Oshimoto and can be downloaded.


Another wonderful font is Intermosaic, by Shyfonts. I am including it here with great optimism, since I have not been able to reach the download site for a few days. However, it is available in font collections elsewhere on the Web. I like working with this font – very reliable.
  Try this selection of fonts, and if you still want more information, or want to test even more pixel fonts, you can visit WebSite Tips for a comprehensive listing.
  Experiment and see how you can improve your menu creation, or perhaps work with small fonts for the first time. Each of us are attracted to different fonts, so there can be no "good" or "bad" pixel fonts. Just remember the restrictions and methods for a quality product – a giant step towards professional and efficient menus.
  Next time we will look at some different menu choices, rollovers and a few neat menu tricks.


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