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Audio in Web Development Tutorials

Audio for the Web
Charlie Morris, from Web Developer's Virtual Library, explains using audio on the Web. Topics include MIDI for the masses, streaming audio, and how to include sound on a Web page.
Mastering Audio for the Internet
From Streaming Media World, John Townley walks you through the do's and don'ts of audio mastering for the Web.
MP3: The Nuts and Bolts
Nate Manchester will help catch you up to speed with the MP3 revolution going on these days. Learn about players and rippers and get hip again.
Project Cool's Audio Zone
Project Cool's Audio Zone takes you from a basic introduction to audio, through detailed how-to tutorials and advanced techniques. It also includes Sound Clips You Can Use -- royalty-free sounds in a variety of formats that you can download and use immediately in your own site.
Streaming Media 101
Learn everything you need to know to get your Web site fully equipped with audio (and video) that streams. From CNET's Web Building section.

Plug-ins and Utilities

Streaming audio plugin and compostion tools. Creates and delivers high quality interactive music and sound on Web pages with compressed, watermarked audio. Web authors have unparallelled control, from simple tracks to complex interactive musical experiences.
Software wavetable synthesizer, allowing streaming MIDI to be synchronized with RealAudio, video, text and animation.
Home page for the Koan Music System. Provides both composition tools and players/mixers for multiple media types. Free plug-ins available for IE and NN.
Liquid Audio
Another high-compression, high-quality streaming audio format. Free player and plugins available.
One of the defacto standards of Internet audio, RealAudio allows real-time streaming of both audio & video over the Web. Both free and commercial versions of players and encoders are available.
Not just for audio, the Shockwave plugin from Macromedia allows users to receive a variety of streaming media information.
Streaming MP3 audio - players, servers, news and more.
Hi-quality, lo-bandwidth web audio player/encoder. Available for Mac and Windows.
'Wimpy' Streaming Media Tools
Adding multimedia to a Web site can make it more attractive and appealing to your visitors but the process can be difficult, even if you know what you're doing. Fortunately, there are other options, such as Wimpy, which is easy to install and use. By Lee Underwood. February 6, 2006
Xing creates MP3 tools for Mac and PC platforms - Codecs, players, encoders, servers and more.

Collections and Content

Harmony Central Midi Forum
A valuable collection of MIDI resources and tutorials. Contains essential material for both beginners and advanced users. Provides a forum and documentation. Harmony Central also features a multi-platform software collection.
Internet Underground Music Archive
Thousands of lesser-known bands and artists from all categories of music make their music available here for listening and purchase.
Huge guide to online music, they only point to files that we believe are available with the permission of the legal copyright holder.
Extensive collection of MP3 news, guides, articles, chat, and of course, music. Multi-platform software and plug in archives.
One of the most famous MP3 pages around, you can search through millions of MP3's.
Scour is your entertainment portal. You can find music, films, and videos in a wide variety of file formats, plus online radio stations and audio and video tools.
Shareware Music Machine
Massive site of sound and music software for all major computer platforms. Includes news and reviews, updated daily.
Sonic Spot
Large PC-focused audio software site, with reviews, links and more.

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