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Astound-The Business Multimedia Company
Makers of WebMotion multimedia software and provider of easy to use tools for the creation and delivery of multimedia communications.
Offers a complete set of tools that enable the author to create text and graphics, or integrate media created with other popular software packages. By Macromedia.
Director (*)
Imports 2D and 3D graphics, text, animations, sounds, and digital video which can then be integrated, synchronized, and animated over time using Director's powerful animation and integration tools. Allows you to create a variety of multimedia productions, including business presentations, web content, interactive advertising pieces, kiosk productions, and CD-ROM titles.
Flash (*)
Does cel-style animation and vector graphics. This program also has the ability to incorporate stereo .WAV or AIFF sound files with your animation. From Macromedia.
Formula Graphics
Easy to use interface for creating bitmaps, animations, sounds and interactivity. Information can be displayed using hypertext and graphs. Powerful object oriented language with over 500 instructions, operators and functions. Presentations can be played from floppy disk, or cdrom, or as screen savers, or played directly through the internet, or embedded in a web page or other document.
Incorporate interactivity and dynamic media, including sound, video, and animation into your intranet (or internet) site without the hassles of having to know programming. Finished projects can be viewed on Mac or Windows OS. From Quark.
A multimedia authoring tool for developing Internet-based Distributed Learning applications. For use with Microsoft Windows.

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