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Digital Watermarking in Web Development Tutorials

Digital watermarking software applications are making their way into the Internet arena. These programs/plug-ins embed information about the author into video, audio or graphics files. This information, when decoded with the appropriate software, can reveal things such as the author's address, terms of use, copyright date, etc. Watermarks are unremovable and unalterable. The information does not degrade with file duplication and does not perceptively disrupt the original data file. For more information regarding digital watermarks, see the articles section.

Image Protection

Uses Java technology to prevent image theft on your Web site. Host/domain information is embeded into your image as well as an optional content rating, allowing you to restrict usage in a variety of ways.

Watermarking Software & Services

Watermarking software for copyright protection and infringement tracking. Solutions for images (EIKONAmark), sound (AudioMark) and video (VideoMark).
Offers both image and audio watermarking technology combining a secure key architecture with an embedded signalling algorithm.
Digital watermarking software and plugins for document verfication, copyright protection, embedded messages and more.
Signum Technologies
Signum's SureSign and Veridata systems allow digital fingerprints to be embedded into graphic, audio, and video digital data files, carrying information relating to ownership, validity and revision status. For use both with copyright/IPR protection, as well as for authentication of secure documents and electronic commerce.
Multiple watermarking services provided, including marking software for various media types, partial encryption, and internet tracking and searching of watermarked objects.


New Tools for Copyright Owners and Webmasters
Do you want all of your hard work to be stolen? Or do you prefer getting credit and payment for it? With digital watermarks you now have a choice, learn more about this emerging technology from an attorney specializing in intellectual property law. By Doug Isenberg.

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