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Spinwave GIFCruncherSpinwave GIFCruncher - Crunch GIFs from an HTTP URL, an FTP directory, or your hard drive with Spinwave GIF Cruncher. The subscription version of GIFCruncher can reduce GIF sizes and download times by up to 90%, depending on the image. Our Demo version provided here will reduce images up to 30% for free! Spinwave offers both online and desktop versions of GIFCruncher. Register for or Purchase Spinwave GIFCruncher for better GIF reductions and more advanced options (multiple GIFs, FTP, and batch options). Find out more about Spinwave GIFCruncher.

Spinwave GIFCruncher - Single Image/Basic Options

Browse allows you to select a GIF from an HTTP page or a local page that it links to. You can also enter the URL of an image and hit Crunch. After a wait (depending on image complexity and server load) you will be able to select from several optimized versions of the image you have crunched.

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