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PHP is a powerful, free, server-side programming language that can be embedded right in your HTML documents. PHP scripting allows you to create everything from "Hello World" popups to database-driven dynamic Web sites.

WebReference Articles

Building a User Rating Application for Your Website
Learn how to build a user rating system that enables users to rate products on a website.
Create a Localized Web Page with PHP
Learn how to create an HTML page that uses PHP to let a user choose the language the page displays.
Build Your Own PHP Web Mailer
Get not only instructions for creating a PHP Web mailer but also a list of PHP commands that you can use to customize the Web mailer.
Managing Your Email Campaigns with phpList
Find out how to set up -- and when necessary, hack -- phpList on your server to get the most of this popular email campaign manager.
Using PHP Encryption for Login Authentication
Learn how to use PHP encryption to ensure that only authorized users gain access to your Web applications.
Implementing One-way Encryption in PHP
Learn how to use one-way encryption in PHP by building a secure online diary application.
Encryption Techniques for Your PHP Development
Using some of the encryption techniques that PHP offers, you can safeguard your sensitive information in various ways.
Build a Shopping Cart Admin Tool for Your PHP Online Store
With an online shopping cart administration tool in place, you can easily create administrators and non-administrators for your PHP site and manage their privileges and tasks accordingly.
Creating an Online Shopping Cart Mechanism in PHP
Explore the PHP scripts behind a functioning online shopping cart and learn how to use them with a real-world example.
Building an Online Shop's Product Detail Page
Adding to our online store, this week we cover building the product detail page and begin creating the shopping cart.
Building an online Store
Learn how to create a simple, online storefront, which can be used as a foundation to build more sophisticated online shopping carts, with PHP and MySQL.
Globalize your Web Applications: PHP's Locale Formatting Classes
This article focuses on the administration side of our banking application, covering the creation of the admin scripts and discussing how proper administration can improve performance.
Globalize your Web Applications: Working with Dates in PHP
Using language-specific locale features allows your applications to support many different locales, regardless of the settings on the computer, which runs the application. Today's article takes a look at date formatting considerations in PHP.
Creating a Banking Application Admin Panel using Object Oriented Programming
This article focuses on the administration side of our banking application, covering the creation of the admin scripts and discussing how proper administration can improve performance.
Globalize your Web Applications: PHP's Locale Package
In the modern globalized economy, it behooves us to think of other nationalities when we develop our websites and applications. This article is the kickoff for a series that discusses the ramifications of globalization on our websites and applications. Today's article will deal with locales and their implementation in the PHP language.
The Methods Behind the Banking Application Profile Script
In our ongoing series about creating a banking application using Object Oriented Programming, J. Leidago Noabeb discusses the methods that were used by the customer profile script and then shows you how to create the new account script.
Creating a Banking Application Deposit Script
Our last article discussed the withdraw script that enables a customer to make a withdrawal from an account of their choice. This installment explores the mechanisms behind making a deposit into an account.
Building a Banking Application Home Page with OOP
Learn how to create a banking application using Object Oriented Programming that became available in PHP 5.
Object Oriented Programming- The Banking Application - Login
This article discusses the login portion of our banking application that we created using the new Object Oriented Programming that became available in PHP 5. We will also cover some additional OOP concepts that we have not looked at yet.
Object Oriented Programming- The beginning
This article explores the new Object Oriented Programming that became available in PHP 5. Get some hands-on experience as we create an application demonstrating the concepts.
Data Filtering with PHP
This article explores some of the new data filtering functions that became available in PHP 5. By J. Leidago Noabeb 0609
User Personalization with PHP: The Admin Section
The final installment of our series on User Personalization with PHP focuses on the Administration of the bookmark application. By J. Leidago Noabeb 0609
User Personalization with PHP: The Final Scripts
This installment of " User Personalization with PHP" examines the last scripts that make up the main section of the application. In particular, it covers how to add , remove and change bookmark information. By J. Leidago Noabeb 0509
User Personalization with PHP: The Home Page
Learn how to build an online bookmark system. By creating your own, you have full control over your application, which allows you to tweak it to suit your needs. By J. Leidago Noabeb 0509
User Personalization with PHP: User Registration
Part four of our series on building an online bookmark system covers the registration script, which is responsible for admitting new users to our system. By J. Leidago Noabeb 0409
User Personalization with PHP: User Login
Part 3 of User Personalization with PHP: Beginning the Application discusses securing the login page, to make it as difficult as possible for attackers to break the application. By J. Leidago Noabeb 0309
User Personalization with PHP: The Verification Code
Part two of our series on User Personalization with PHP looks at user authentication. User authentication simply means verifying that a particular user has the right to access a part of our application. Read on to learn more... By J. Leidago Noabeb 0309
User Personalization with PHP: Beginning the Application
In this tutorial we will build an online bookmark system. This will be used to create a database for storing all our URL's and their descriptions. By creating our own, we have full control over our application, allowing us to tweak it to suit our needs. By J. Leidago Noabeb 0209
How to Create a Search Feature with PHP and MySQL
This week you'll learn how to create a searchable form feature that will query a database table and display current staff member information. Topics include: creating a database table to hold staff listings, a search form, using PHP and (SQL) to capture information and more. By Ryan Butler. 0807
Class Inheritance with PHP
There are many benefits of inheritance with PHP, the most common is simplifying and reducing instances of redundant code. In this article you'll work with PHP 5 and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) to create a scalable application. By Kris Hadlock. 0912
Core Web Application Development with PHP and MySQL: Part 2
This installment continues with learning how to write Web applications. You'll learn about the basic layout of Web applications, the user interface, 3-tier and n-tier architectures, performance, scalability applications and more. By Prentice Hall. October 3, 2005
Core Web Application Development with PHP and MySQL: Part 1
This book excerpt takes a look at writing Web applications. You'll learn about the technologies and protocols that make up the World Wide Web, how they work, how to define Web applications, how to structure them and more. By Prentice Hall PTR. September 26, 2005
Review: Rapid PHP 2005
Of the many editors available for creating (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP pages, several combine a few different yet compatible languages. Some include support and a few manage to make it work seamlessly. RapidPHP 2005 belongs in the latter category. By Lee Underwood. June 24, 2005.
Beginning PHP
Learn how to generate graphics using PHP; a powerful, new scripting language.
Email Forms in PHP
Recent convert Dan Ball shows you the basics of PHP scripting by way of a simple Email submission form.
Intro to PHP
Stirling Hughes offers up a solid introduction to PHP.
PHP and Regular Expressions 101
Guest author Mitchell Harper offers up this primer on the use of Regular Expressions in PHP.
In this tutorial, we start out with the basics of using MySQL with PHP and create a program with the same functionality found in Yahoo like directories. Source code of phpHoo included.
PHP/MySQL Interface for HierMenus 4
Guest author J. "JC" Chakrabarty discusses his PHP/MySQL interface to HierMenus 4, which allows you to dynamically retrieve data that can then be used in JavaScript scripts.
Professional PHP4 XML
Join us for a cappuccino on the corner of PHP and XML, the intersection for two of the busiest streets in the Web developer community. Among the topics: transformation of XML, modifying XML, and writing XML. From Wrox.

Other Articles and Tutorials

Cross-platform and Portable Development With PHP
The development of a project which runs happily on both Windows (MS SQL Server) and Linux (MySQL) is examined.
Error Handling in PHP
Those pesky errors--always popping up when you least expect them. DevShed chimes in with this two part article discussing both basic and advanced error handling techniques.
Introduction to Regular Expressions
If you think of cartoon language when you see a string like ^[grmbl]f{23}$, this is a good time to introduce yourself to regular expressions. A Web developer's job can get quite a bit easier with this powerful tool for searching and replacing.
LDAP and XML in PHP4
The Web Developer's Virtual Library serves up a generous helping of excerpts from the Wrox Press title, Professional PHP4 Programming. Topics covered include building LDAP applications in PHP, and the use of XML documents in PHP.
PHP/MySQL Tutorial
See why many people believe these packages make the world's best combination for creating data-driven sites, then get started in Web databasing the open source way.
Using PHP with Java
Another DevShed contribution, this one focused on accessing Java classes from within PHP.
Welcome to PHP
Extensive introduction to PHP scripting.
Writing Your First PHP Script: Feedback Form
This tutorial walks through making a simple feedback form, a common feature of Web sites everywhere.

Collections / Resources

PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
PHP Home. This is where the PHP downloads and documentation live.
Billing itself as "The PHP Company," Zend technologies is the creator of the celebrated Zend Engine included in PHP4. The site offers code, tutorials, and other Zend tools including a PHP development studio, PHP server accelerator, and application deployment tools.
Frequently updated PHP tutorials and case studies dripping with example code.
Google's, aka, the Open Directory's list of PHP sites and resources.
Hotscripts.com: PHP
Listings of many resources, including scripts and tutorials.
PHP3 for OSX Server
A PHP port that runs on the Macintosh OSX Server.
PHP Builder
All the PHP resources you need, from our internet.com sister site.
Tutorials of all shapes and sizes as well as daily news briefs pointing out PHP happenings from around the Web. Founding site of the PHP Developer's Network, which also includes PHPAdvisory.com with a focus on PHP security issues; and PHPClasses.org, a PHP Classes Repository.
PHP Resources
Great links from the Web Developer's Virtual Library.
PHP Start4all
A collection of tutorials, scripts, database's, free PHP hosting and Web servers.
Information on creating dynamic Web pages with PHP.
Yahoo's PHP listings from the "Server Side Scripting/PHP" category.

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