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How to Interact with Web Forms. Part 2

How to Interact with Web Forms. Part 2

Excerpted from Chapter 4: Interacting with Web Forms in the PHP Phrasebook by Christian Wenz. ISBN 0672328178, Copyright © 2005. Used with the permission of Sams Publishing.

Preselecting Multiple Selection Lists

When it comes to prefilling form elements, multiple selection lists are the most difficult ones to implement. This is because in $_GET or $_POST, you have an array of chosen options; so you cannot just compare strings, but you have to search for the specified value in the array. Luckily, PHP offers something suitable in the form of the in_array() function. So, the effort required is not much more than with the other form elements: If the current value is in $_GET/$_POST, print out the selected attribute.

However, the HTML form must be specially preparedto allow PHP to access the data from the multiple selection list:The value of the name attribute has to end with [], hinting to PHP that it should expect an array of values, not just a string value. Accessing the list data, however, can still be done using $_GET[‘listname‘]/$_POST[‘listname‘] and not $_GET[‘listname[]‘]/$_POST[‘listname[]‘], as shown in the preceding code.

If you want to prefill the list with data from the cookie, you just have to use the well-known file from the previous phrases.

It contains two additional functions that return an array instead of a string.

These functions return an array for multiple lists that you can use as you did in select-multiple.php.

Processing Graphical Submit Buttons

Graphical Submit buttons (<input type=”image” />) are not only a nice way to spicen up the layout of the form, but they also offer a nice feature:The browser submits the x and the y coordinates of the mouse pointer when clicking on the button. In PHP, this happens by appending _x and _y to the name attribute of the button and writing this into $_GET or $_POST.The preceding code evaluates this information.

Created: March 27, 2003
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